Police were scrambling for a few moments Thursday night when they received a call that two children had been kidnapped.


Katherine Marcum

When they arrived at the residence, the vehicle supposedly used for the kidnapping and both children were there, according to Kentucky State Police Trooper Jordan Hopkins.

Katherine Marcum, 30, of Manchester, allegedly call dispatch with the report.

Family members at the residence said they believed Marcum and taken some type of intoxicant and had been acting under the influence causing erratic behavior.

Marcum had allegedly busted the window out of her grandmother’s vehicle prior to the officer’s arrival.

The officers placed Marcum under arrest at which time she resisted and attempted to escape.  The citation stated she had to be physically removed from the residence.

Marcum was charged with falsely reporting an incident, disorderly conduct 2nd, menacing and resisting arrest.

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