Just moments before the trial was to get underway, an agreement was reached for a guilty plea in the deaths of four people and an unborn child Tuesday afternoon in Clay Circuit Court.

Jason Gibson, 42, of Arnett’s Fork Road (Double Creek), agreed to plead guilty to 30 years each on four counts of murder and one count of fetal homicide as a result of a December 2015 collision on the Hal Rogers Parkway.

The sentence will run concurrent, meaning Gibson will serve 30 years in prison total.

With numerous family members of the victims looking on through tear-filled eyes, Gibson stood before Circuit Judge Oscar G. House and admitted he drove his vehicle recklessly causing the deaths of Tiffany Williams and her unborn child; Kyson Pennington, age two, and Judy Adams Pennington and Charlene Lewis, all of Leslie County.

Judge House said he felt sorry for all parties involved while speaking to Gibson.

“I feel for the families that have lost loved ones,” he said.  “And I feel for you and your family as well.  This is a bad thing you have done Mr. Gibson.”

Commonwealth Attorney Gary Gregory said he was pleased with the outcome of the case.

“We feel justice has been served,” he said.  “I want to thank the family of the victims for working with us on coming to this agreement.”

Gibson will remain in custody until his formal sentencing on May 6that 1 p.m.

Publisher, The Manchester Enterprise

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