When Crystal Scott left her home on Fox Hollow Thursday morning, she and her friend Tye Prewitt had a long day of continuing medical education classes ahead of them in London as physician assistants. At no time did she expect to see the second most politically powerful man in the United States.

After several hours of training, the two friends decided their stomachs had growled enough and Weaver’s sounded like a good destination for some food.

“We went early so we could beat the regular’s,” Scott said of her trip to the restaurant.  

The two noticed a man in a suit inside the restaurant and he would look out the door and then sit back down.

“We thought he was acting strange, but about five minutes later we started hearing the sirens then other secret service agents came in.  We knew something was up at that point.”

Moments later in walks Vice-President Mike Pence, Governor Matt Bevin and Congressman Hal Rogers.

“He (Pence) came in and went to each table greeting everyone there,” she said.  “He asked us where we were from and what our occupation was. We told him we worked at the federal prison as physician assistants.  He was very friendly and greeted everyone asking if he could say hello and introduce himself.”

Governor Bevin also talked with Scott and Prewitt about being physician assistants.

“The Governor was quite aware of the frustrations with being a P.A. in the state of Kentucky,” Scott said. “He talked with us for several minutes about the laws in the state vs. the laws in surrounding states.”

Scott said it was an experience she would remember her entire life, the day she ate lunch with a Vice-President.

“It was likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience meeting him,” she said. “It was very neat watching him interact with everyone.”

The last question, the one on everyone’s mind it seems, was saved for last.

What did the Vice-President eat for lunch?

“He ate a chili dog and seemed to really enjoy it,” Scott said with a laugh.

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