It’s not often you see a standing ovation during a Clay County Fiscal Court meeting, but that’s exactly what happened Thursday afternoon.

County judge-executive Johnny Johnson announced in the meeting that for the first time ever, the Clay County Detention Center covered their entire bond payment of $517, 450.00.  

“This is the first time they’ve been able to cover their entire payment on the jail,” Johnson said.  “We (the court) always have to put up some money to help cover the payment.  This shows the kind of job Linda Smallwood is doing up there.”

The court stood and gave Jailer Smallwood a standing ovation for her hard work.

“We’re working very hard to make our jail one of the best in the state,” Smallwood said.  “One of my goals was to have our jail profitable enough to cover this expense.”

The jail’s main source of revenue is the housing of state inmates and inmates from other counties.

Johnson said he felt the county was heading in the right direction in all departments.

“We are all a family,” he said speaking of the road department, fiscal court, jail, ambulance service, sheriff’s department and coroner’s office to name a few. “We have to work together to make Clay County move forward.”

The court also lauded the sheriff’s department.

“Everywhere I go I hear people bragging about our sheriff’s department,” first district magistrate Russell Smith said.  “People tell me at all hours of the night they see our deputies out patrolling all over this county.”

Sheriff Patrick Robinson thanked the court for the kind words.

“We really appreciate that,” he said.  “We’ve really got good employees and that makes a huge difference.”

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