Residents in the Stone Coal area at Caudill Gap are digging out from a torrential rain storm that rocked the small hollow Sunday afternoon.

Water nearly entered several homes and caused thousands of dollars in property damage.

“The water rose really fast,” Lois Hobbs, a resident of Stone Coal road said.  “We moved our cars three times trying to avoid the water. It got underneath our house.”

According to the National Weather Service at Jackson, approximately a little over two inches of rain fell in less than an hour Sunday in the general area of Caudill Gap, Muddy Gap, Horse Creek and Town Branch.

County and state road crews worked throughout the day at Muddy Gap road was impassable and Town Branch road was cluttered with debris.

Paw Paw road looked like a raging river as residents posted photos on social media of the rising flood waters.

“I’ve lived on Paw Paw my entire life and I’ve never seen water like this,” one resident posted on her social media account.

Fire and rescue squads attempted to patrol the area as water well upon the door of their four-wheel drive truck.

As for Hobbs and the residents of Stone Coal road, this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with flood waters this year.

“This seems to be occurring now more than ever before,” Hobbs said of her usually small creek rising fast.  “We are now seeing large trees and tree stumps washing from the top of the mountain down on us.  We’ve been out a small fortune already, something has got to be done to fix this.”

Above Stone Coal Hollow sits the Christian Camp known as Miracle Mountain.  Officials are looking into the possibility that run off from the camp may be causing flooding issues to the residents on Stone Coal Hollow with debris being washed down.

“I’ve lived here for 40 plus years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Hobbs said.  “We’ve got a mess and we’ve already been out a fortune on our yard.”

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