Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson is reporting:

On February 13, 2019 at approximately 12:00 PM Clay County Sheriff Deputy Clifton Jones arrested Anthony Robinson age 48 of Collins Gibson Road and Kenneth Gregory age 51 of Highway 638. The arrested occurred on Collins Gibson Road when Manchester City Police Chief Chris Fultz recovered a stolen vehicle from Horse Creek Salvage on Highway 80. The vehicle was entered stolen by Clay County Sheriff Deputy Tommy Houston when it was stolen the night before on February 12, 2019 from Hudson Carpet. Through investigation it lead units to a residence on Collins Gibson Road. Upon arrival of the address mentioned above units came into contact with the above mentioned subjects. Also, during search of the residence a male subject by the name of Charles Bekemeier of Michigan was located and arrested by Manchester City Police Detective Gary Jordan when Methamphetamine was located. Assisting at the scene was Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson, Manchester City Police Chief Chris Fultz, Manchester City Police Lieutenant Jason Combs, Manchester City Police Officer Ryan Jackson, Clay County Sheriff Office CSO Dewey Grubb and Paul Michael Whitehead. The photos attached is courtesy of the Clay County Detention Center.

Anthony Robinson age 48 was charged with the following:• Theft by Unlawful Taking or DISP Auto- $500 or more but under $10,000

Kenneth Gregory age 51 was charged with the following:• Theft by Unlawful Taking or DISP Auto- $500 or more but under $10,000

Charles Bekemeier age 45 was charged with the following:• Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree, 1st Offense (Methamphetamine)

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