Three men were indicted on burglary related charges for a break-in at an Elk Creek home on March 11.

Robert Wayne Wagers, Richard Muncy and Dewey Shannon Finley are accused of being involved in a burglary at the home of the late Carl Bowling.

Wagers, 33, of Manchester, was indicted for burglary 2nd, burglary 3rd, criminal mischief 1st and theft by unlawful taking over $500.  Wagers is accused of entering the home and an out building belonging to Bowling, taking various items valued at $2,000 and causing property damage.

Muncy, 38, of Manchester, was indicted for criminal complicity to commit criminal mischief 1st degree.  The indictment says Muncy “aided and counseled” Wagers in committing the burglary at the Bowling residence.

Finley, 48, of Manchester, faces charges of criminal complicity to commit burglary 2nd and burglary 3rd, according to the indictment.  Finley allegedly “aided and counseled” Wagers in committing the burglary and also entered the home of Bowling.

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