South Kentucky 11 was the scene of two motorcycle fatality accidents over the weekend in nearly the same location.

Jay Bruner

Jay Bruner

Derek Kirby

Derek Kirby

On Saturday, Derek Kirby, 53, of Springboro, Ohio, husband of Clay native Dana Wagers-sister to former long-time magistrate Randall Wagers, was killed near the site of Calvin Smith’s old store at the mouth of Buzzard.  

The following day, Jay Bruner, 47, of London, was involved in a two motorcycle and one vehicle crash within 20 yards of the previous crash Saturday, according to Clay Sheriff Patrick Robinson.

A second person on a motorcycle was severely injured and flown from the crash to the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

According to the sheriff, Kirby lost control of his bike and struck a guardrail leading to his death. 

In the second fatality Bruner struck a vehicle and the second bike collided trying to avoid the crash. 

A high rate of speed is the contributing factor in the Bruner accident, according to Robinson.  He attributes driver inexperience as a possible cause in the Kirby crash.

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