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For the first time since 1989, The Manchester Enterprise will be moving to a new location.

Hello Friends!  Recently I forgot to mention a very important topic that I’m so proud of. The Manchester Music Festival won an Appy award for best music festival. Appy is short for The Appalachian Arts and Entertainment awards. Last year I was honored to win an Appy individually for the Comm…

This morning when I looked outside, not only did I see the the sunshine, but on a line, I saw two purple martins. 

I would like to wish happy birthday to Ida Hubbard on April 9th.  Happy birthday to Doug Dezarn on April 8th.  Happy birthday to Wilma Smith on April 12th.  Happy birthday to Tammy Swafford on April 12th. Happy birthday to Tammy Wagers on April 15th. Happy birthday to my sister Barbara Woods…

Spring, summer, fall and winter. I do believe we’ve seen all seasons in the past week. Adjusting can be tricky. Knowing what clothes to wear and how to plan the day is uncertain. I’m pretty sure we have seen Redbud winter and going into Dogwood winter.

March went out like a lion in Oneida. As I’m sure most of our county did, with wild winds and unusually warm weather. OBI had a roof that was damaged to one of their oldest buildings, Sparks gym. Wind can be scary, and do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

I’ve always been told when we die, we take one thing with us, our name.  Basically, you’re born with your name, and you die with your name.  What you do in between is up to you.  Those are words I’ve heard many times in my life.

I hope every had a great weekend and a great beginning to their week. This little cold front has been rough. I guess that’s typical spring weather in Kentucky.