Parks, Tim L (KYTC-D11)

Tue, Jan 5, 7:51 AM (3 days ago)
to me
Hello and Happy New Year to each of y’all! I’m always up early and making a couple stops before the workday. I have to get gas, Copenhagen, sparkling water, and coffee. You know the important things in a mans life. I’ve noticed such a sharp decline at our gas stations and drive thru’s since school has been closed. With over 2,000 kids in our school system plus what we have at Red Bird and OBI you lose big time business if your a local business owner. Think about our basketball games.
What’s always a good crowd at The Bobby Keith Gymnasium is no more. It’s a restricted crowd or the games have been canceled due to Covid like this week. Hundreds come to these games and spend their money in our economy. It’s oftentimes tradition for our local family’s to dine somewhere after the games. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy busy we are at least attempting sports, but the rules are silly.
You can breath all over each other while on the court but when you go to the bench you have to mask up and distance yourself. It don’t make a lot of good sense to me. Here’s to hoping we can get back in school, we can have our sports normally, and our local economy can thrive. Much love Manchester! 
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