Hello folks! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. You know we often time blame our County or City government for lack of new business or tourism in our County. I myself have been guilty of this. But honestly some of the blame falls on us as citizens.

Sure our local government could do a better job at promotion and other things, but they also have a lot on their plate. We as locals especially those that are wealthy could take a chance and start new business ventures in our town to boost the economy. Think back in the 70’s our downtown was thriving and it was basically all local people that had businesses.

Fast forward to 2020 we have some local business but most of what we have is outsiders. I’m not saying locals don’t try. It’s a tricky thing to start a new business and make the commitment.

I’m just saying we are behind other Eastern KY towns that have lots of locals doing very well at establishing a business in their respective towns. I think Clay County is no different. We just have to be motivated to give it a chance. I myself on a very limited budget has went Into a partnership trying to establish a music venue. It just takes some effort and a vision.

If you have a vision then take the chance! For every opportunity you don’t take is an opportunity you never get back. In the next couple years I’d love to see new locals open up shops in our area. We need more retail, dining, arts and crafts etc. here’s to hoping someday it happens. Much love Manchester!!

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