Hello Friends! This was such an amazing week for me as Thursday we had a killer show at the Ponderosa Pines featuring Branden Martin, Josh Morningstar, and Ward Davis. It was a big crowd for a Thursday night and fun was had by all. Then Saturday night I got to go hang out with my friends in Pineville for their last show of the year featuring The Steel Woods.

They blew the roof off the place. It was the first time I had to wear coveralls to a concert but it was worth it. The Steel Woods will be at the Manchester Music Fest next summer and boy are y’all in for a treat.

Beside some Haunted Houses and maybe some New Years events (if allowed) the outdoor event season is basically over. We do have Deer season and the Holidays to look forward to though.

It’s been such a strange year and I want to applaud the good people that keep things going and trying to bring back some sense of normalcy. Hopefully the spring we can hit the ground running and we can give our people some great entertainment. Thanks to all that came to our shows this fall. We appreciate each of y’all. Much Love Manchester!!

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