Bobby Couch

Bobby Couch is being sought in connection with a robbery and kidnapping on Mildred Road near Tyner, KY. He is considered armed and dangerous. Please contact law enforcement if you have any information regarding his whereabouts. 


Jonathan Freeman


Sherman Hubbard

Two Clay County men have been charged and police are still searching for another in a robbery/home invasion in Jackson County Thursday.

Kentucky State Police say Sherman Hubbard, 32, Jonathan Freeman, 40, entered a home on Mildred Drive Road at Tyner along with Bobby Couch, of Manchester, and two juveniles.

The men allegedly held Andy Riggs and Kourtney Gregory at gunpoint and stole items from the residence. 

The victims were bound together, and the female was taken to the end of the driveway against her will, according to police.

Freeman was interviewed by the KSP and admitted to being involved in the robbery.

Couch, 31, has a lengthy criminal record and is considered armed and dangerous.  Last year, Couch was charged with carjacking a man on Barbourville Road and taking his truck.  A lengthy police chase led to Couch’s arrest on Billy’s Branch.

Police say Couch is probably in Clay County and ask if seen to immediately call 911.


Sheriff Patrick Robinson and Deputy Dewey Grubb search Bobby Couch in May 2019 following a carjacking on Barbourville Road.  Couch led law enforcement on a lengthy pursuit before being captured on Billy's Branch.

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