Six more cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed for Clay County by the Cumberland Valley District Health Department, including four police officers and a 911 dispatcher.

The three-day total from Saturday, July 11th through today is 66 cases confirmed in Clay since June 15th, the date the surge in cases was first noted.

Four cases have also been classified as recovered by the CVDHD.

Two deputies with the Clay County Sheriff’s Department has tested positive and two Manchester City Police officers, along with a 911 dispatcher.

The officers and dispatcher are in self-quarantine following CDC guidelines.

“We are doing everything we possibly can to continue safety measures for our department along with the citizens we proudly serve,” sheriff Patrick Robinson said.  “We would like to ask for prayers for our department and their families. We are working with the local health department and health care providers with keeping everyone safe. The Deputies that has tested positive has been put off work and is in self quarantine following CDC guidelines. We will still provide 24/7 coverage, but we will be taking most non-priority reports and addressing appropriate law enforcement needs with the public by telephone. Officers will still respond in-person to emergencies and in-progress calls associated with a present risk to person or property. Our officers will still work to deter and prevent criminal activity through routine patrol activities and by continuing to provide a public presence.”

City police chief Chris Fultz also made the following announcement today:

"In the last few days we have had two officers test positive for COVID-19. These officers are in quartine. Other officers have been tested and received negative results. We will continue to monitor the situation along with the local healthcare providers and the local health department. Please Pray for our two officers and their families."

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