Hello folks. I hope everyone had a great week. I’m going to share with you, an article today from a Facebook post made by one of Kentucky’s best artist and friend of mine, Justin Wells. "By today or in a couple of days, we're likely going to have a good idea who's going to be POTUS for the next few years, and your various senators, congressmen and women, state representatives, and city council members. The ads will stop, the yard signs will come down (never understood those. Politicians ought to have our names in THEIR lawns. But I digress.)⁣

⁣ I'll still live next to my neighbor and the world will still be turning. A good chunk of the country is going to be happy, and a good chunk of the country is going to be disappointed.⁣

⁣But regardless of who wins, the most American thing we can do is never stop holding them accountable or letting them know when something is done wrongly. Sometimes, we forget who works for who.⁣

⁣Real Americans can share our country with folks we disagree with. It's kind of the whole point. Says it right there in the name.⁣

⁣Never heard of love thy politician.

Always heard love thy neighbor.

Our state flag says United We Stand / Divided We Fall". There couldn’t be a truer statement. Much Love Manchester!!

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