Red Bird Mission Certified Farm Market of Clay County is one of the 105 markets across the Commonwealth accepted into the 2020 Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) Certified Farm Market Program.  

In joining the KFB Certified Farm Market Program, Red Bird Mission Certified Farm Market, has committed to offering quality products and service to their customers. Acceptance by Farm Bureau tells customers that this market meets the highest standards of quality, freshness, and marketing appeal.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Certified Farm Market members around the state are implementing recommended best practices for keeping employees and customers safe during the pandemic.  Our markets are working hard to provide Kentucky consumers with a safe and local food source.


Red Bird Mission Certified Farm Market has a wide variety of inventory including toys, jewelry, corn shuck flowers, coal figurines, weaving, quilts, pottery, kitchen items, rocking chairs, dulcimers, Christmas items, and much more.  They also sell fresh produce and value-added products made from home-grown produce supplied by farmers in the Red Bird Mission Grown Appalachia program.  KY Proud items are also available including goat milk soap and lotion, apple butter, brown eggs, salsa, bread and butter pickles, and various jams. For more information on Red Bird Mission please call 1-800-898-2709 or visit their website at

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