(MANCHESTER, Ky.) – The Tiger Softball Program is now under new leadership, as assistant Jason Rice is the successor of former head coach Jamie Gilbert. Coach Rice was instrumental in the Tigers recent success, and he leads a program he’s been in for years. He also coaches as an assistant for Tiger Football in the fall.

Rice was thrilled to have such an opportunity, and he already can’t wait to get back to work. “I’m very excited about the opportunity,” said Rice. “Coach G (Gilbert) certainly had the program going in the right direction. He has huge shoes to fill. I can’t foresee any changes. I just hope to carry on with what’s been built over the years and striving to continue that for years to come.”

With a solid foundation being laid in the youth softball program, Rice is very optimistic about the future of Tiger Softball. “The next several years are very bright for our program,” he said. “We will be a pretty young team this year with just a handful of girls having any varsity experience. With the cancellation of last year’s season due to COVID, these girls didn’t have the opportunity, but they will be ready when we start this season. We also have a great middle school program, as well as our youth programs. Both are filled with exciting players that will be fun to watch once they don the black and gold.”

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