The Clay County school system will keep their mask mandate in place until COVID-19 numbers decline drastically in the county.

In August, the board of education approved requiring masks due to positive cases and the number of quarantined students and staff.

Since the implementation of the policy, the school system has seen quarantine cases drop tremendously.

Superintendent William Sexton says the policy will be reviewed again if a decline in COVID cases within the county occurs.

“Our main goal and focus are to keep our students and staff safe and continue with in-person learning,” he said.  “We review positive cases and quarantines on a daily basis, and we believe our data shows that our preventative measures are working.”

Clay’s incidence rate is one of the tops in the state at 247% through Monday and is ranked third in the nation.

“As previously stated, the Board will continue to review the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, in collaboration with local health officials,” he said.

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