Hello friends! I hope everyone’s week has been great thus far. I want to take a few minutes to give some shoutouts today to people that deserve a little love. Shout out to the Clay County Tiger boys and girls basketball squads. Good luck this week in the regional tournament. As a former player and coach I am well aware of the toll of a long season. These kids and coaches should be commended at all times. A big shout out to the winners and nominees of the Appy Awards.

Locally Jessalyn Bowman was nominated for graphic design, and I was nominated for the Community and Arts Award. Jess should have won in her category, that girl is amazing with her graphics and has helped me tremendously over the years. I took home my nomination and I’m very blessed and honored to have received it. Kudos to the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg KY for putting on such a great show.

A big shout out to all the State, County, and City road crews that are still fighting and working hard to maintain our roads. The flooding caused so much damage it will take all year to try to fix it all. A big shout out to our inmate crew and other volunteers that are picking up garbage out of the ditches each day. This is a very selfless job that makes a huge difference. So thanks for cleaning up or County. A shout out to all the local businesses that stayed open during this pandemic and is now allowed to stay open later and have more people. I can’t imagine the struggle that you’ve had to bare. Last but not least a big shout out to the progressive thinkers. The ones that wants to change things, that will step outside the box, ones that will admit when they are wrong, but they keep pushing for newer ideas, they push for things the old regime didn’t think was possible because it took so much work. The progressive way of thinking will be what changes our community for the better. I challenge you to get involved and think positively. Much Love Manchester!! 

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