Clay County placed seven individuals on the inaugural class of the 13th region Hall of Fame this week.

These individuals all played a tremendous part in making Clay County High School a premier program in both boy’s and girl’s basketball in the region.

The girls were honored Monday night during the 13thregion championship game and the boys Saturday during their championship game.

Coach Donnie Gray, Kim Jones and Vonda Jackson were named on the girl’s side.

Coach Bobby Keith, Ray Mills, Richie Farmer and Stanley Abner were named on the boy’s side.

Here is a look at the complete list for the first-ever class:

Boy’s Players-  Wah Wah Jones-Harlan; Phil Cox-Cawood; Charles Thomas-Harlan; Larry Pursiful-Lone Jack, Bell County; Richie Farmer-Clay Co.; Nick Sanford-Cawood; Lawrence Buell-Middlesboro; Frank Selvey-Corbin; Terry Mills-Knox Central; Rodney Woods-Lone Jack; Ray Mills-Clay Co.; Fred Bishop-Pineville; Bobby McWilliams-Barbourville; Larry Gritton, Jr.-Oneida Baptist.

Coaches-Bobby Keith-Clay Co.; Joe Gilley-Harlan; Mike Jones-Cawood, Jackson Co., Harlan, Clay Co., Harlan Co.; Billy Hicks-Evarts, Harlan, Corbin; John D. Wilson-Cawood, Red Bird; Dinky Phipps-Barbourville, Lynn Camp; Harld Combs-Bell Co.; J.D. Strange-Bell Co., Knox Central, Pineville; Don Bingham-Knox Central.

Contributors- Stanley Abner-Clay Co.; Ray Canady-Knox Central; Gerly Stewart-Barbourville; Scott Smith-North Laurel; Paul Pietrowski-Corbin; Glenn Profitt-South Laurel; Glenn Peace-Bell Co.; Troy Martin-North/South Laurel; Sheb Stewart-Bell Co.; Neil Warren-London/Corbin; Keith Gabbard-Jackson Co.

Media-Les Dixon-Times Tribune; John Henson-Harlan Daily Enterprise; Stan Lovett-Williamsburg radio.

Girl’s Players- Kim Mays-Knox Central; Sarah Elliott-Jackson Co.; Shea Lunsford-Jackson Co.; Vonda Jackson-Clay Co.; Debbie Hoskins Green-Harlan; Lori Kluck-Cumberland; Tiffany Hamm-Harlan; Kim Jones-Clay Co.; Jaree Goodin-Corbin; Beth Bates-Williamsburg; Heather Taylor-Whitley Co.

Coaches- Donnie Gray-Clay Co.; John Bond-Cumberland; Jim Raines-Whitley Co., Willard Farris-Corbin; E.R. “Doc” Gray-Harlan; Greg Parrett-Jackson Co.; Larry Anderson-Williamsburg, Whitley Co.

Contributors- Stan Lovett-Williamsburg; Troy Martin-North/South Laurel; Glenn Profitt-Lowe’s Sporting Goods, BSN; Scott Smith-Shiloah Roadhouse, Steak ‘N Shake; Neil Warren-Bojangles-Powerhouse Gym; Ted Cook-Cook Tire.