The 2019 offseason is in full swing for Tiger football. I recently sat down with Tiger head coach Mike Sizemore to find out the latest news for Tiger Football, the latest happenings this offseason, while finding out what our expectations are for the upcoming season.

Question: Tell me how the offseason has progressed thus far?

Mike Sizemore:“We have had a lot of kids working hard in this offseason to push our program forward going into 2019. We’ve got a solid core of kids returning that have been consistently there putting the time in that it ultimately takes to build a competitive football program.  We’ve had great numbers in the weight room with quality kids working and that’s where it all starts in building a football program.”

Question: Tell me about our 7v7 schedule and how we expect to do with a new QB under center?

MS: “We expect to play a very competitive summer 7v7 schedule, we always want to get out and see the best competition that we can in our state. We will once again be going up to EKU’s tournament, we ended up finishing in the semi’s up there last year and played well against some traditionally solid football teams. We will also be hosting our own events on July 12th and 19th, where we hope to get to go against some solid competition in both 7v7 and with our lineman challenges. 7v7 is always a great opportunity to work in a new QB as you prepare for the season.  We have a senior that we hope can step up and fill that spot in senior Ethan Hacker. Ethan has played really well for us on the JV level for the past two years and should make a smooth transition heading in to 2019. We will always play to the strength of our guys and put them in the best position to have success. He has a great grasp of what we are doing on offense and has a chance to really come into his own. I think he will progress in July and be ready to go going into August.”

Question: Have we improved, leaders stepping up this summer?

MS: “Our kids have shown improvement, we were as close to winning games last year as we have been in years. We have several kids that stepping in to leadership roles and pushing us forward. Chandler Hibbard is working extremely hard and putting himself in position to have a solid 2019 season in the backfield. Chandler really came into his own down the stretch last season and was really explosive in our offense. I expect him to pick up right where he left off as he is a year older and is putting in the work to make himself a stronger player. Nathan Bishop, Ethan Hacker, Trevor Smith, and Jacob Maggard are also seniors that have put in the time this offseason to position themselves for a solid 2019 season. Our line will be anchored by seniors Evan Langdon and Matthew Fultz. I really think those guys could breakthrough in 2019 and have great seasons for us. Trevor Day is another senior that could also have a great season for us up front. We should have depth there this season and that should help us as the season progresses.”

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