With less than a week remaining in modern gun season, it appears Clay County’s overall deer harvest numbers may be down by the end of the overall season on January 20th.

 As of Tuesday morning, 498 deer have been harvested in Clay County.

Here’s a breakdown of the weapons used to harvest the deer, according to the KDFW.

-Archery: 65

-Firearm: 380

-Muzzleloader: 20

-Crossbow: 30

Last year hunters bagged 657 deer, a number that may be hard to hit by the end of the season.  Modern gun season brings in the largest number in the harvest and it closes on November 24th.

Clay had its lowest deer harvest total in 20 years in 2017 with 514 killed.  While that number will be surpassed this year, it’s a far cry from the 845 tagged in 2016 and the 1,141 in 2015.

One avid hunter, Kevin Maggard, of Bullskin, said he feels like the harvest numbers are down due to an extended gun season and not all deer being tagged.

“Gun season is way too long in our zone,” he said on The Enterprise Facebook post asking hunter’s their thoughts on the season.  “Six day’s maximum.  Too many people are shooting three to four bucks and not tagging them or they’re using their granny, wife or whoever name to tag them in on.  But we’ve got a great game warden that is working on these tagging issues.”

Greg Hibbard said he feels the numbers are down due to being too many doe.

“We’ve got too many doe,” he posted.  “Clay needs a doe season.”

Rick Stephens, from Greenup County, said he thinks the ‘blue tongue’ disease is wiping out the deer population.

“Our deer are few and far between,” he posted.  “I sit some days and never see a deer.  Six years ago, I would see at least 10 or more a day.  Gets any worse, I have bought my last deer tag.”

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