(MANCHESTER, Ky.) – I recently sat down with Tiger Football Head Coach Mike Sizemore, and we discussed the offseason progress of the CCHS Tiger football team. Sizemore, like myself, is excited for the new playing surface to be laid, new lighting, and more. He’s most excited about what’s on the field however, and we discussed in depth how the team is doing.

Speed and strength are what breeds success. The Tigers have been improving on those two aspects. “Our kids have really been working since the end of last season on improving our strength and speed as a team,” said Sizemore. “We’ve had a committed group that has been in the weight room virtually every time we have been able to open the doors.”

The pandemic is seemingly coming to an end, and Sizemore says restrictions being lifted go hand in hand with great workouts. “With COVID-19 restrictions loosening as the school year has went on, we have been able to get a lot of great work out of the kids in program in terms of strength and conditioning,” said Sizemore. “Our kids do an excellent job with their strength training from the winter months until the end of spring football and now we are really pushing them to get into running shape as we plan to have a busy July getting out and competing across the state after the dead period.”

Coach Sizemore knows what the wear and tear of a season can do. He encourages his athletes to simply improve and enjoy being a kid throughout the summer. “We want our kids working extremely hard to prepare for the fall season during the summer months as we transition from the weight room, to exclusively being outside and sharpening our football skills and conditioning while adapting the summer heat,” he said. “I stress for our kids to be very balanced, especially during the month of June.”

Coach Sizemore also highly emphasizes he wants kids playing multiple sports. “We have several that have just finished baseball season, we have got guys playing summer basketball, and they are all still finding time to get their football work in which in my opinion is great that they are able to do so much and remain well rounded in multiple sports,” he said. “I also want our guys to find time to enjoy the summer and do the normal things kids do during the summer months. Once dead period ends for us, we have a busy July planned like normal and it starts that count down to the season opener as you have all your guys out that you can count on, and you really start to dial in for the fall season.”

Some Tigers are involved in getting ready for the next level and gaining exposure. “We also have our kids that are interested in trying to get to that next level scattered on college campuses working to get noticed by coaches at the next level while competing against some of the best out there for spots,” said Sizemore. “We have built our football program around sound principles and showing up and working hard is a priority for our kids. As a coach, you love to see them get the opportunity to get out there and work for those spots to see if they have what it takes at the next level while representing the type of football program, school, and county that we have here.”

I personally asked Coach Sizemore about how some of our returning Tigers are doing this offseason, and he provided me with a fantastic update on some of our wonderful athletes. “I am excited for our kids to be able to get out there and have a normal football summer and season this year,” said Sizemore. “We missed a lot of opportunities that we would normally have had last season during the pandemic, and it is good to see normalcy return for our guys.”

“Adam Collins has had an excellent offseason for us in the weight room and I expect him to continue to produce the way he did last season for us,” said Sizemore. “Adam gained a lot of attention last year statewide and we expect that to continue into this season with the way he was worked in the offseason to improve.”

“Andrew Roberts, Carson McKeehan, Dominic Webb, Ben Nelson, Zander Hensley, Casey Rice, Lucas Allen, Luke Nicholson, Carrson Sizemore, and Caleb Bennett have all had great off seasons for us while putting on a lot of size and strength through consistent training and we expect those guys to continue to improve their game into this fall,” added Sizemore.

“We are also excited to get Landon Spurlock and John Langdon back in a football uniform this fall as both of those guys have worked really hard for us in the winter and spring months.

Tate Rice, Brady Wolfe, and Zach Saylor are all expected to turn in solid seasons for us as well and I really expect Brady and Zach to have breakout years for us as they gained valuable experience and made bigtime plays for us last season and I expect them to carry that over into the fall.  Tate is going to continue to grow into a solid quarterback and should pick up right where he left off with another year of experience and a good core returning around him.”

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