As it stands, the Tigers (3-3) have been knocked out of the playoffs, but still have two games remaining, barring any change due to COVID-19 restrictions. On tap this week for Clay County is a trip to Green County. The Dragons (1-5) lone win came in a shootout with Thomas Nelson, 48-30. 

Coach Mike Sizemore and the Tigers will go into this matchup just like any other, prepared. “I think this will be a tough, late season type of game for both teams,” said Sizemore. “They came to us last year and gave us a great game at home on senior night that we had to fight to win all the way down the stretch, and I look for their kids to play with that same type of effort in what is schedule to be their last home game of the season. Our kids had an unexpected Friday night off last week so hopefully we are healing up some of those late season bumps and bruises that you pick up along the way and come out ready to play Friday night.”

Green County’s strength relies in its run game, as they average 175ypg as a team, along with it accounting for 13 of their touchdowns this season. Blake Houchins will be a key player to stop, as he averages 91.5ypg, providing the Dragons with four touchdowns on the season as well.

As mentioned earlier in the story, this is one of two remaining games on the Tigers schedule barring any changes. However, if this were to be the last game of the season, Coach Sizemore is thrilled with this year’s team after having endured this challenge that is COVID-19. “If our season were to end today, I feel like our kids have done an outstanding job this year of growing and overcoming the adversity that has been placed in front of them,” said Sizemore. We knew we were going to have to replace a lot of experienced senior leadership off of last year’s team coming into this season then to lose spring practice, skill work and lifting, 7v7, contact practices, preseason scrimmages, and the list goes on, that is a lot for even a veteran football team to overcome going into a season.” 

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