Hello Friends! 

I tell ya what 2021 hasn’t been a joy ride like we were hoping. 

Even with very small numbers in our community, Covid is still lingering. We just had a massive ice and snowstorm a couple weeks ago. 

Then we had a week that brought beautiful weather and got our hopes up that Spring may arrive early. 

Then the next three days and nights of torrential rain that brought on massive flooding and more property damage. It seems like we can’t catch a break. We’ve all been or know someone who’s been affected by Covid, the ice storm, or the flooding. 

Our small-town needs something positive to happen. We are fighters, we are tough Appalachian people that always fights through the circumstances no matter how bad the outcome. No matter how tough you are sometimes you need to catch a break. My thoughts go up to those that had to spend lots of days without electricity, and those who had property damage from the weather. T

those things are hard to get over financially and mentally. The issue with Covid is its separated us. 

The politicians and the experts all say we should keep apart. I understand that in theory, but we need each other’s company. I know some people say they don’t need anyone. They say they are independent. Well guess what? We all need someone. We all need more than one person in our life. 

If you tell yourself that you can make it alone then you’re lying to yourself or your miserable. This Spring is critical for our mental health. We need to utilize our hiking trials, River trials, campgrounds, festivals, events, or anything that makes you happy. It’s time to get out in the community and participate. 

It’s time to make new friends. You wouldn’t believe that some people you heard bad things about or have judged in the past, may likely end up being a wonderful person. We all create our own destiny. We don’t create anything positive if we don’t get out of the house. 

So, if you want to make a positive situation out of the crappy ones we’ve been dealt over the last year, then get involved. Go enjoy yourself. Loosen up. Have some fun! We’ve been in the biggest rut of our lives. It’s time to dig out of that rut! Much love Manchester!!!

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