A Clay County father of three, 26-year-old Tony Hinkle, has been missing since March 14. 

His family said he never goes longer than a couple of weeks without contacting them. 

"He's a nice person when you get to know him, but some people just don't like his ways. But he is family and I would do anything for him", said Nellie Fields, who is Hinkle's sister.


Tony Hinkle

According to WYMT, Hinkle's family is afraid something may have happened to him. 

"I just pray that my young one comes back home safe. It's got me so torn up. I just feel like something's happened to him", said Loretta Patrick, who is Hinkle's mother. "Tony gets in touch with me when he can. And he has not. I just got a feeling that something's wrong with him."

The family said Hinkle was last seen at a homeless shelter in Frankfort, but he's lived most of his life in Clay County. 

Kentucky State Police said they have no information or evidence to suggest that Hinkle is dead.

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