Just two years ago this month my VOA colleagues and I hosted our first town hall meeting at Greenbriar Presbyterian.  In some ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways I feel that I have been part of this community my whole life.  Patty and Scott Sumner worked to manage my expectations for that first meeting -- cautioning that even if 20 people showed up that would be a victory.  VOA was brand new to the community and I was unknown to anyone here, except the Sumners and their son-in-law, Tim Rogers.  I was thrilled when 65 people showed up to hear how VOA wanted to be part of transforming addiction into recovery through our accessible and life-changing services.  Now, a short two years later we continue to talk and meet with you and our VOA village has grown exponentially!  

We have opened our Recovery Community Center through a beautiful partnership with the Axis and have already welcomed nearly 200 community members to join us for recovery support and care.  We have created 15 jobs and will continue to create more as we are about to open our Freedom House program.  I can’t wait to share the news of our first healthy baby! Even more important has been the relationships we have built with so many community leaders and members.  I have experienced so much openness, love and support from the passionate, generous, and hardworking people of Clay County.  My commitment to you and to being part of the movement we are creating runs wide and deep.   I hope you know and feel how grateful I am for all you have done to welcome VOA, my colleagues and me. THANK YOU -- I love this community and our partnership and cannot wait to see what we accomplish together next!  

Jennifer Hancock


Volunteers of America Mid-States 

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