Clay County has a new entrepreneur and the fishing world better watch out!

Bailey Gregory, 11, loves to fish and that love has now turned into her own line of fishing lures.


11-year-old Bailey Gregory has created her own fishing lure business, "Bai Bai Baits."

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gregory, and her parents, Jammie and Glenn, spent many days at the lake.  Bailey has fished since she was two, but said last summer was when she fell in love with fishing.

Being avid fishermen, the family made a trip to Bass Pro Shop.  While standing in the lure isle, an idea was born…’I’ll make my own lures’ Bailey thought.

“I’d seen some hand tied lures, and I asked my mom if she thought I could do that and she said, ‘Of course’ so I asked for the stuff for Christmas, and I got it and started making them,” Bailey said.

She put in a lot of time researching the techniques of making the lures by hand before receiving all the equipment she would need.

“I wrote pages of what colors were best and what weights were best,” she said.  “I went on Google and researched what colors fish could see and which ones made them want to bite it.  Bass can see black, red and green really well and panfish, they don’t really see colors, they see grays, blacks and whites, so you can use whatever you want for them.”

Getting started wasn’t easy, but it didn’t stop Bailey from pursuing her dream.

“She got a lot better and the one’s she’s making now look just like the ones we had seen at Bass Pro,” said her mother Jammie during an interview with WYMT-TV.  “It’s been a lot of hard work for her.  She has watched a lot of videos, spent a lot of time on YouTube and doing research on different sizes and colors.”

A few months ago, her family inquired about the jigs and lures and asked Bailey if she sold them.

“I thought they were taking pity on me,” she said.

But they weren’t.  Bailey then started to realize her baits were actually pretty good.  She started selling them and decided to start a business.

Bai Bai Baits was born.  ‘Bai Bai’ has been Bailey’s nickname since she was born.

She sells her lures on social media and recently set up a booth at The Good Continues Festival at Rawlings-Stinson Park.

Bailey has shipped her jigs and lures to numerous states so far.

Right now she’s making bucktail, marabou and a combination of jigs and lures in several colors and sizes and plans to expand to a few more designs in the future.

The cost ranges anywhere from two to eight dollars and Bailey says right now she is putting everything she makes into supplies so she can expand her inventory.

You can find out more about Bailey’s lures and how to order on her Facebook page ‘Bai Bai Baits.’

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