Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather. It’s honestly a beautiful time of year. I get the question all the time asking what is Clay County’s biggest tourism draw?

Honestly, it is a good question, considering some events involve the city restaurant tax.

So I’ll attempt to give you a rough estimate of tourism related numbers that should make sense.

The Manchester Music Fest is definitely the biggest draw with two years in existence and nearly 12,000 people in attendance.

The three day event has drawn praise from statewide radio, newspaper, and social media critics. Shaping Clay Jubilee, in its first year, established themselves as a powerhouse gospel festival with over 1,000 in attendance. That show will continue to grow.

The Ponderosa Pines with the shootouts and now a concert series is on track to bring in over 1,500 people in 2020, during a pandemic year. We expect that venue to grow substantially.

Then you have a plethora of other entities that draw tourism. Miracle Mountain and their new facility is doing great. Stay in Clay and their swinging bridges is an attraction. The Historical Society has been on fire the past year or so. We honestly have a lot going on.

The one thing we are lacking is that big tourism draw 365 days a year. I’m confident our trails and ATV enthusiasts would be massive if we ever get some things in order.

There are other events and organizations I probably left our but I’m proud of our communities efforts. Let’s keep working together! Much love Manchester!! 

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