Anthony Gilbert


Tracy Sizemore


Stacy Sizemore

Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson is reporting that on September 16, 2020 at approximately 12:45 PM Clay County Chief Deputy Clifton Jones along with Deputy Paul Whitehead and CSO Supervisor Dewey Grubb arrested Tracey Sizemore, 39; Stacy Sizemore, 36 and Anthony Gilbert, 45 all of Fishtrap Road. The arrests occurred when Units was dispatched out to Erline Road of a possible theft of cable wires. Upon arrival, Deputies conducted an investigation and at which time located the above mentioned subjects inside of a residence. Upon confirmation it showed all three subjects had active warrants for their arrest. The photos attached is courtesy of the Clay County Detention Center.
Tracey Sizemore, 39 was charged with:
• Serving Bench Warrant for Court
Stacey Sizemore, 36 was charged with:
• Serving Circuit Warrant for Court
Anthony Gilbert, 45 was charged with:
• Serving Bench Warrant for Court
• Serving Bench Warrant for Court
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