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There are very few people, if any, that haven’t watched a Hallmark Movie and dreamed of taking part in the Christmas festivities that the richly decorated town had to offer. Well, your dreams have come true! Open your eyes to the world of wonderment in “Toyland at Town Square” taking place i…

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Imagine working hard for hours, days, or even weeks, verifying everything you do is just right. Then you carefully and professionally place your final product into the marketplace. How would you feel if someone else comes along and uses your product without paying you for it!?

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As I type my column for the first week of December 2022 - December 1 in fact - I find a lot of joy in looking back over the many experiences I’ve had working for Knox County’s only newspaper.

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We are a now a week on the other side of our 2022 elections, and boy am I glad. Some folks live for the election seasons but not this guy. At one time, I really enjoyed politics and the chance to “start over” every so often, but not so much these days.

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In the last half of the 19th century, America had a large number of new immigrants especially those who were fleeing the Irish Potato Famine to arrive on its shores.