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New Knox Central boys basketball coach, Mitchell Madden, hosted the Panthers Youth Basketball Camp at Knox Central High School. Participants were able to compete in various skills competitions while learning and enhancing their basketball skills to better prepare them for their future on the…

At the age of 93 years old, Bettie Wilson McClaskey Hauser, still enjoys doing community service, attending church, and traveling anytime a car door is opened to her.  Hauser is originally from Nelson County, Kentucky.

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Rev. Ted H. Satterfield, 81, of Barbourville, peacefully passed away Sunday afternoon, May 21, 2023 at his home surrounded by his family’s love and prayers.  He was the son of the late Ted and Edith Carr Satterfield born on January 29, 1942 in St. Genevieve, MO.

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It’s fitting that the issue we detail Knox County’s primary election results is the same issue to find the ballot for the 2023 Knox County’s Best contest.

Easter Sunday is an important moment for everyone to pause and reflect.  It is important for a Christian because we are a people of faith and we profess to follow Jesus Christ as His disciples.  This same moment is also important for those of no faith, limited faith and even for those who fe…

I live in a Tri-State area. The state I live in is less than 2 miles from two other states. When I consider bag limits, I think I have it made. When I consider out-of-state licenses, I think I don’t have enough money. And of course, licenses keep getting more expensive each year. One day our…