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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

As if the United States wasn’t already reeling in turmoil from the coronavirus pandemic, economic disaster, race issues and possibly the most divisive presidential race in our nation’s history, we learned Friday night that we had lost one of our Supreme Court associate justices, Ruth Bader G…


This time of year always brings illness, normally it's sinus and colds. Some of it is allergies and some of it brings the contagious kind such as the flu or worse, the feared Covid-19 virus. Regardless, we seem to nurse ourselves back to health on the same diet of soups. As a kid when you be…


Today a melancholy mood came over me as I watched dark rain clouds gather. I felt for

Confessions of a Baking Queen : Episode 3 : Pumpkin Muffins • Columnist Kristy Cole brings some of her favorite recipes to life in our new video series, "Confessions of a Baking Queen" which is also the name of her column appearing each week in The Mountain Advocate. • In this week's episode…