First Team All-County:


Caylan Mills (Guard, Knox Central) - Mills was the second leading scorer for the Knox Central Lady Panthers last season, averaging 13.2 points-per-game. She was the team’s fifth leading rebounder from the perimeter, averaging 3.6 boards-per-game. Mills’ tenacity and relentlessness are revered throughout the region. Her fearlessness when attacking the rim is second-to-none, and allows her to facilitate assists, score points, or draw fouls. Combined with her high basketball I.Q.,, this makes for a lethal combination. Mills will help lead the Lady Panthers in a push for a regional title this season.


Presley Partin (Guard, Knox Central) - Electing to take advantage of the extra year afforded to seniors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Partin will be returning to lead the Lady Panthers on the hardwood this season. Last season, she was third on the team in scoring, averaging 12.6 points-per-game. She was tied for third on the team in rebounding, averaging 4.7 rebounds-per-contest. The season before last, Partin averaged 18.2 points-per-game and 6.3 rebounds-per-game to lead Knox Central in both categories. Now in her final go-round, Partin’s leadership will be the most important quality that she brings to the floor. Combined with her ability to score at all three levels on the court, she will be instrumental in helping the Lady Panthers cross their regional hurdle, and make it to Rupp Arena. 


Halle Collins (Forward, Knox Central) Collins has been an absolute force during her basketball career. Starting out with North Laurel, her presence on the court puts any team against her on notice. Collins is an incredible rebounder and scorer on the interior, seemingly unstoppable in the paint. After having her season cut short last year due to a gruesome lower leg injury, she will undoubtedly be eager to get back to action. She will be a vital factor to Knox Central’s success this season.


Brianna Gallagher (Forward, Barbourville) Gallagher started her career at Barbourville, then moved to Knox Central for the 2020-2021 season, before moving back to Barbourville to finish out her career with the Lady Tigers. Last season, she led the Lady Panthers in scoring and rebounding, averaging 14.2 points and 7.1 rebounds-per-game. Now back with Barbourville, Gallagher will be the main player for the Lady Tigers. Her experience, talent, and ability on the interior make her a lethal matchup for anyone. With a bigger, stronger, and faster team this year at Barbourville, she will see to the success of her teammates around her. 


Abby Mabe (Guard, Lynn Camp) As well as being an All-State caliber cross country runner, Mabe is an exceptional basketball player. Last season, she led the Lady Cats in scoring, averaging 11.2 points-per-game. She was also second on the team in rebounding with 4.9 rebounds-per-game. Mabe is good at dictating the tempo of the offense, and is an exceptional slasher. She can score at all three levels, and facilitate her teammates into success. She will be vital in helping push the Lady Wildcats to a district title run this season.


Second Team All-County:


Zoey Liford (Guard, Knox Central) Liford has been one of the most underestimated players in the entire region for a few years now. Last season, she was fourth on the team in scoring, averaging 9.1 points-per-game. She also chipped in an average of 2.2 rebounds-per-game. Her floor vision and ability to set her teammates up for success is second-to-none. Her versatility on the court makes it difficult for opposing teams to scheme against her. She can shoot, steal, and pass with the best of them. Alongside Mills, Partin, and Collins, Liford will be pivotal in helping lead the Lady Panthers to the regional tournament and beyond.


Georgia Carnes (Guard, Lynn Camp) Carnes has really come a long way on the court. She was third on the team in scoring last season, averaging 8.3 points-per-game chipping in an average of 2.7 rebounds-per-game as well. She has developed an effective long range game, which will allow her to increase her productivity this season. 


Alissa Crumpler (Forward, Lynn Camp) Crumpler was second on the team in scoring last season, and led the team in rebounding, averaging 9.1 points per game, and 7.8 rebounds per game. She has improved her floor vision, and developed a mid-range scoring ability. Expect her numbers to improve dramatically this season, which will help the Lady Wildcats make a run at the district crown.


Sarah Smith (Guard, Barbourville) Smith led the Tigers in scoring and rebounding last season, averaging 11.2 points per game, and 8.6 rebounds per game. She can score at all three levels, making her a threat to any opposing defense. She excels at attacking the rim, cutting through defenders like butter. With above average ball handling skills, Smith will be instrumental in helping revitalize the Lady Tigers program.


Reagan Jones (Guard, Knox Central) Jones was the third leading scorer for the regional champion South Laurel Lady Cardinals last season, averaging 9.5 points-per-game. Jones brings an immediate impact on both ends of the floor to Knox Central. Her ability to score from outside, combined with her defensive tenacity will make her the perfect fit for the powerful Lady Panthers 


Third Team All-County:


Timberly Fredrick (Guard, Knox Central) Fredrick has been lethal from the perimeter throughout her career. With her ability to knock down shots from long range, she will help free up her teammates on the interior, allowing Knox Central to be multi-dimensional on offense. She is also quite the defender. Her stature and speed make her an ideal on-ball defender, and a headache for any ball handler that gets in her way.


Isabella Frost (Forward, Knox Central) Frost has improved her play in every season she has played. Her versatility allows her to do many things on the court. This season, look for Frost to make a big impact from 15-feet inward. Her rebounding numbers will increase, and her scoring will increase as well.


Isabella Blevins (Guard, Lynn Camp) Blevins was the Lady Cats fifth leading scorer a season ago, averaging 4.2 points-per-game. She is arguably the best perimeter shooter for Lynn Camp. With her quick release and ability to score from long range, she will help open up the interior for the new-look Lady Cats this season.


Aimee Woolum (Center, Barbourville) Woolum was second on the team in scoring and rebounding last season, averaging a near double-double with 9.3 points-per-game, and 8.4 rebounds-per-game. Her presence on the interior, combined with Gallagher’s, will make Barbourville a tough match up in the paint for anyone this season.


Jaylynn Faine (Guard, Knox Central) Much like Frost, Faine has improved in every season. She will be a vital off-the-bench player this season for Knox Central, and will be able to step into the line-up with very little drop off. Her numbers will increase across the board, including her rebounding and scoring. 


John is a native of Washburn, Tennessee, and the founder and host of the All Vol Call In Show.

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