kyle hammons

Kyle Hammons

One arrest has been made in the case of a stolen truck from November 21. 

Early Sunday morning, officers executed an arrest warrant on Kyle Hammons, 30. The warrant states that Hammons jumped in the victim’s vehicle, while the victim had the vehicle’s key fob in his pocket, and drove away. The victim stated that he gave Hammons permission to cut the catalytic converters off the vehicle after the theft in exchange for telling him where it was. 

Officers discovered the vehicle in a barn on North KY 11. It had been largely disassembled including the removal of the doors, stereo, computers, catalytic converter, seats, and more. 

A Jacket discovered at the barn contained a social security card belonging to Albert France. Recorded statements indicate that France was in possession of the vehicle and helped in taking it apart. He has not been booked into custody as of press time.

Hammons’ personal vehicle was also found at the barn. His mother, the owner, gave police permission to search the truck. Inside they located a number of stolen parts.

Hammons is charged with theft, $10,00 or more but under $1,000,000. He is also charged with receiving stolen property under $10,000 and first degree criminal mischief. He is held on a $25,000 bond plus home incarceration.

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