Laurel Sheriff investigates road rage incident

Officials investigate the scene of a shooting following an apparent road rage incident in southern Laurel County.

A Barbourville man has died after he was found shot following an apparent road rage incident in Laurel County. 

Jack Davis, 40 of Barbourville, was found shot on Hanes Baker Road, near the junction of US 25E and US 25 after a reported exchange of words between motorists. 

According to a press release from Laurel County Sheriff John Root, the shooting followed after two vehicles, a pickup truck and an SUV, pulled onto Hanes Baker Road. Allegedly the driver of the SUV exited the vehicle and confronted two occupants in the truck, resulting in shots being fired injuring the driver of the SUV. 

The injured man was transported to Baptist Health where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy is planned for Thursday in Frankfort. 

The driver of the truck was not injured. Investigators recovered two semiautomatic weapons and interviewed numerous individuals. 

Laurel Sheriff Lt. Chris Edwards will make a presentation to a Laurel County grand jury after his investigation is complete. 

Assisting for the Laurel County Sheriff's office was: Major Chuck Johnson, Capt. Robbie Grimes, Lieut. Chris Edwards, Sgt. Greg Poynter, Crime Scene Reconstructionist Deputy Brad Mink, Detective Taylor McDaniel, Detective James Sizemore, Detective Bryon Lawson, Bailiff Dustin Saylor and Deputy Gilbert Acciardo.

Also assisting at the scene was: Ambulance Inc. of Laurel County. Also assisting on the investigation was Whitley County Coroner Andy Croley.

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