"People may see some cloudy water," said General Manager of Barbourville Utilities, Josh Callihan. "The water is safe and it's apart of our new routine maintenance." He added, "Hopefully nobody is doing laundry tonight because sometimes that causes problems."
Barbourville Utilities will be doing their annual water flushing Monday night, October 14 around 8 p.m. and continuing nightly through October 19th. This flushing will be done at night to cause the least inconvenience for customers. Flushing operations may also lead to discolored water, which can be drawn into homes and businesses if the water is being used during or immediately following the flushing. The discoloration is caused by iron (red color) or manganese (black color) particles being dislodged from the water main which can stain porcelain and laundry. If discoloration occurs, open the cold tap nearest the water meter—usually a basement sink—to full flow until the water runs clear. In some situations this may take 5 to 10 minutes. It is also advised that you make sure your water is clear before doing laundry or other projects for which discolored water could cause problems. As a precaution, prior to using hot water run cold water tap for a few minutes to ensure discolored water is not drawn into the hot water tank. 
If you have any additional questions, call Barbourville Utilities at (606)-546-3189.

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