The pandemic has come with many life altering changes. One including job loss experienced by many Kentuckians. Even though they are no longer assisting with unemployment insurance the KCEOC Community Action Partnership KY Career Center Jobsight (WIOA) has been of assistance to thousands whom experienced joblessness and helping with their unemployment insurance needs.

While they were assisting with unemployment insurance the KCEOC KY Career Center Jobsight has helped over 10,000 Kentuckians file claims, upload documents, transfer claimants to agents, assisted with general questions, provided information on when to file, and many more services. They received over 200 calls a day at the KY Career Center Jobsight office, maintained by only seven KCEOC personnel. The Career Center partnered with Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP) and Kentucky Unemployment Program to make this possible.

The Career Center knew this would be a stressful time for many and were ready to serve our Kentuckians. To prepare the Career Center expanded their services by offering assistance with unemployment insurance needs.  The Career Center staff were trained in the state data base system and prepared through virtual trainings. This allowed them to serve thousands from their office here in Barbourville, KY.

Becky Miller, Director of WIOA Services, discussed her experience during this time. She said, “It’s very rewarding to know that we were actually able to help the claimants.  However, we were not given a lot access to be able to fully assist with their issues and this was very frustrating.  Ninety five percent of the callers were so thankful, just very appreciative to have a human voice on the line. Their desperate pleas for assistance were very heartbreaking. They always were thankful no matter how much or how little we were able to assist.” This made their job even more worthwhile, and kept them pushing through this trying time.

The Career Center is equipped with seven highly trained Career Advisors. The Career Center not only helps with unemployment, but many other employment services spanning from unemployed workers to employer services. They are here for all your employment needs.

KCEOC would like to thank our staff for the long hours and hard work put into serving many during their time of need. For more information please contact them at 606-546-2639.

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