The Knox County Academic League, consisting of all elementary schools in Knox County including Barbourville Independent, celebrated their accomplishments on Thursday evening, January 9, 2020 at Conway Boatman Chapel.

The league is made up of three levels of students at each school, rookies, junior varsity, and varsity. Throughout the fall semester, they travel and host schools for a quick-recall style match where teams buzz in their answer to a variety of questions.

League coordinator Jennifer Carey echoed praises to the students and their coaches for making this season a competitive and fun extracurricular activity for the participants. 

"The academic league is among the best ways of challenging our kids to research, learn, and discover new things," said Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles of the Knox County Public Schools.

"If you have never watched an academic match you should.  Watch the faces of the students, the relief of a correct answer afterwards, and you will see the effort that they put in to being a part of the team."


Winners in this year’s league include:

School League Placement Overall


1st Place- Central Elementary

1st Place- Jesse D. Lay Elementary

2nd Place- Flat Lick Elementary

2nd Place – GR Hampton Elementary

Junior Varsity

1st Place- Barbourville Elementary

2nd Place- GR Hampton Elementary

3rd Place- Central Elementary


1st Place- Central Elementary

2nd Place- Barbourville Elementary

3rd Place- Dewitt Elementary

3rd Place- GR Hampton Elementary

Individual Team MVP’s


Barbourville- Jaxon Minton

Central- Cash Collins

Dewitt- Colten Tate

Flat Lick- Grace Kennedy

Girdler-Emily Jordan

Hampton- Isaac Campbell

Lay- Ben Hembree

Lynn Camp- Caden Powers

Junior Varsity

Barbourville- Donavon Smith

Central- Allie Holstein

Dewitt- Jeremiah Burns

Flat Lick- Kai Senters

Girdler- Alyvia Merida

Hampton- Jace Baker

Lay- Grayson Burton

Lynn Camp- Max Carnes


Barbourville- Raegan Lawson

Central- Ethan Abner

Dewitt- Kashawn Robinson

Girdler- Caveni Teague

Hampton-Abi Riley

Lay- Ajdin Grahic

Lynn Camp- Lauren Partin

Overall League MVP’s


1st Place- Isaac Campbell- GR Hampton Elementary

2nd Place- Ben Hembree- Jesse D. Lay Elementary

3rd Place- Caden Powers- Lynn Camp Elementary

Junior Varsity

1st Place- Donavon Smith- Barbourville Elementary

2nd Place- Kai Senters- Flat Lick Elementary

2nd Place- Jace Baker- GR Hampton Elementary

3rd Place- Allie Holstein- Central Elementary


1st Place- Ethan Abner- Central Elementary

2nd Place- Raegan Lawson- Barbourville Elementary

3rd Place-Kashawn Robinson – Dewitt Elementary

3rd Place- Lauren Partin- Lynn Camp Elementary

Photographs of all the winners are available in the Knox County Schools' photo gallery at

Director of System Governance, Communications

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