After more than eight years allowing customers to serve up their own choice of flavor(s), size and toppings for their frozen yogurt desserts, Froyoz in Corbin closed its doors at the end of business on December 31.


“The pandemic killed us!” said Terry Joe Martin, one of the co-owners.

Martin said after being completely shut down for part of the year, the business, like other restaurants, was limited to 50 percent capacity.

In addition, because of COVID–19, Froyoz employees had to fix customers’ orders.

“Allowing customers to fix their own was a big part of the whole concept,” Martin said.

“The last month we made a profit was March,” Martin added.

Martin said the best things about the business has been the customers he has come to know and the employees he saw learn and grow while working there.

“It has been a fun business,” Martin said.

“We had some very loyal customers and some great employees,” Martin added.

“We enjoyed the time and meeting new people and rekindling old friendships,” Martin said.

“We are sorry we had to take this action, but we had to look at what is best for the owners.”

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