Letter to Editor

Our next PRAYER ON THE SQUARE is scheduled for November 1st, next Monday night at 7pm at the Knox County Courthouse!!! Now that we have that stated, I want to encourage you to come as a praying people.  Interceding for our place.  Pray for the meeting and come to pray.

I watched the weather channel radar over our area recently and was amazed again as I saw storm clusters break up as they approached our community.  We have been highly favored in the weather department this year.  We need to be very appreciative.

The enemy of our souls doesn’t like us.  We have so much potential to advance the Kingdom of God in this place.  I am seeing prayer groups springing up everywhere.  I was asked to join one tomorrow night and I have three to participate in before that one.  Last Sunday we cried out for two people in excruciating pain and in surgery.  By the end of the service, we received two texts that their situations had turned to the good.  Prayer makes a difference because the God we serve is a God of Love and He loves to hear our “cares.” 

Here is a prayer you can pray as you approach our next gathering.  Cry out to God for the defeat of the enemy.  Cry out that Halloween will have no evil power and that our children will be safe.  Cry out that Jesus will be exalted and satan will be trashed. Pray this prayer and mark your calendar:

“Father, we ask in the name of Jesus that all WILLFUL WORKERS OF WICKEDNESS be removed from positions of power, prominence and prestige.  Open the eyes of those being deceived and place people who stand for your righteous cause in the high places of government and influence.  Amen.”


Rev. Leonard A. Lester 

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