tim mills

Sickness, illness, chronic health problems, challenging times, some folks are blessed to never really ever experience.  I’m not talking about avoiding the doctor, we all know those folks that refuse to go to a doctor, but I’m talking about folks who have been blessed to avoid any significant health issues in life.  

For individuals who have faced some aspect of health moments in life, if they were short lived, you are never so happy to have gotten that moment behind you.  Of course time is always a relative matter when it come to comparisons, but I’m not attempting to compare sickness or illnesses, but short term and long term chronic health issues have their own set of challenges that are different from one another.  The impact on family is also different depending on the circumstances faced, that care required and ones availability to render aid to their loved ones or friends.   

There are plenty of folks who face such moments in life totally physically alone, their constant contacts and interactions are with health care providers, facility staff members, aids, or others helping in their care that are unrelated.  Having spent time in 5 different nursing homes I can easily write about those moments from my personal experience too.  

What becomes an overwhelming force in ones life because of health challenges, is the manner in which we embrace the experience and the attitude and understanding we hold too, when we experiencer or walk through these types of moments in life.  This embracing philosophy is important for the individual and the family alike.   Often times one side of this equation is either the positive to the negative or in worse case is the demonstration of negative no matter what.  Doom and gloom are real factors in life, I know individuals who have like a bachelors degree and even one or two who holds a masters degree on the subject.

If you have avoided health challenges in your life to this stage, congratulations, you may very well be an individual who never faces such moments, but if you are the flip side of this coin of life and if you are a Christian, then elements of doom and gloom are not us.  We have been eliminated them with sunshine and hope because of our faith and confidence that God does all things well, in His time.  We have accepted sunshine and hope because of Romans 8:28, and I can easily testify to what I have learned and I can share examples of how this single scripture has molded my mindset and my life.

Christians who experience and endure health moments in life have a testimony that some can identify with, while others can only hear and believe because of the words and experience shared.  We Christians who have experienced and endured also have a unique moment to demonstrate through the midst of such times, the Grace of God.  Don’t miss your opportunity, if I’m writing about you.

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