Four people were arrested following the execution of a search warrant at a Flat Lick residence.

Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith joined deputies in executing a search warrant on Ely’s Station Road in Flat Lick. Four people were arrested at the home; Kenneth Tolliver, 58, of Flat Lick; Tonya Simpson, 45, of Artemus; David Lynn Baker, 38, of kettle Island; and Dustin Davis, 25, of Gray.

While searching the home deputies discovered packages containing methamphetamine, suspected heroin, and various pieces of drug paraphernalia. All four suspects were placed in the Knox County Detention Center.

Kenneth Tolliver was charged with conspiracy to traffic in a controlled substance, first degree. Tonya Simpson was served a bench warrant in addition to trafficking and paraphernalia charges. Dustin Davis was charged with possession of marijuana and David Lynn Baker was also served a bench warrant.

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