Grant Baker and Mary Beth Jewell with the check presented by Claudia Greenwood and Corey Chestnut with Upper Cumberland Community Foundation. 

The Upper Cumberland Community Foundation, UCCF, presented a check to the Knox County Farmer’s Market on Thursday, June 18.

“Kentucky’s farmer’s markets are an important component of community development,” said Martin Richards, Executive Director of the Community arm Alliance in a press release on the donation. UCCF gave $750 that will be used to support the market’s manager and to double the value of SNAP purchases and Senior Vouchers.

Claudia Greenwood, a UCCF board member, stated “Knox County’s farmers’ direct to consumer sales builds community while promoting the healthy habit of eating more vegetables. It’s a win-win.” UCCF looks to “transform Eastern Kentucky through charitable giving, community involvement, and strategic partnerships by investing assets in the community.”

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