Patriotism lives in Barbourville. It lives in the faces of young ROTC cadets like Nate Smith, saying "It means a lot that our community takes the time for those that sacrificed on that day."

Patriotism lives in a retired sailor named Doan, who joined firefighters in New York on 9/11 and who lost a dear friend when the towers fell. He brought with him a flag he'd carried since that fateful day — a gift for the local fire department. Knox County Clerk Mike Corey said, "It's always good to instill patriotism in the youths."

Eighteen years later, Forcht Group helps do just that with a commemoration that hopefully last years to come. "It's awesome Forcht Group does this, especially for the young," the event's keynote speaker, UK football legend and State Education Secretary Derrick Ramsey said. "It's something I'll never forget."