After releasing a press release that indicated the boys’ and girls’ state basketball tournaments had been officially canceled, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced on Twitter that it still hopes to play.

“No change in official status of boys and girls state basketball events! Remain postponed. Events had to be ‘canceled’ through Ticketmaster to permit refunds. When a final determination is made, schools will be first to know,” the KHSAA said on Twitter.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has announced that its boys’ and girls’ state basketball tournaments will not be held as a result of the steps being taken in Kentucky and around the world to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know that many of you are as disappointed as we are,” the KHSAA said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon. “ You had planned for months on the annual celebration of basketball in our commonwealth. And while the cancellation represents nothing less than a financial disaster for the association, finances certainly could not be the determinant in our action steps. The safety of everyone involved was and continues to be our number one priority.”

The girls’ tournament was stopped after five games had been played last week and the boys’ event was put on hold as the extent and seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak began to be digested by health officials and state governors. At the time, KHSAA officials were hopeful they might be restarted once the crisis passed. Since those announcements, even more restrictions on public gatherings have been put in place to safeguard the community.

“Today should have been a day of celebration. Newly crowned Mingua Beef Jerky/KHSAA girls’ state tournament champions and other participants should have been celebrating in their local communities. Downtown Lexington and the entire state should have been abuzz as the Whitaker Bank/KHSAA Boys’ State Basketball Tournament played its first round,” the KHSAA said. “But such was not to be the case. Events totally beyond the control of everyone involved led to the determination that it would not be safe to conduct the remainder of the Mingua Beef Jerky girls’ event or conduct any of the Whitaker Bank boys’ event.”

The KHSAA’s statement also outlined ways to get refunds for already-purchased tickets or request a donation receipt for them to help the KHSAA deal with the loss of its biggest revenue event.

  • Season ticket holders have three options: 1) Donate the cost of tickets to the KHSAA, a Federally registered 501(c)3 organization, with a donation receipt requested. 2) Request a refund for a portion of your purchase, and donate a portion of the cost to the KHSAA, a Federally registered 501(c)3 organization, with a donation receipt requested. Sweet 16 Club members need to make certain that you make your choices in this situation. 3) Request a Total Refund of Ticket Costs. To request your refund using whatever option you choose, go to the link at
  • Single ticket purchases through Ticketmaster will be automatically refunded.
  • Individual session seats purchased in advance at participating member schools, refunds will be handled by member schools once they are permitted to open and do so. This will not be an immediate process due to the current orders of the Governor as well as orders from the KHSAA regarding school athletic activities. As more data is known about school openings or closures, we will closely communicate with those 11 girls’ schools and 16 boys’ schools that are impacted. Tickets for which refunds are not requested by May 31 from the schools will be considered to be donated to the KHSAA, and a school receipt issued.
  • Individual session tickets purchases at Rupp Arena windows, including first four pep sales at Rupp Arena on Girls’ Day 1, patrons can receive a refund by coming to the box office at Rupp Arena on or before May 1, provided that inter-county travel does not become restricted during this public health crisis. If such travel is restricted, a revised deadline will be published. Please call the box office at 859-787-0915 prior to your visit to confirm office availability as there will likely be closures for that office as well.
  • For other questions regarding tickets, call the Central Bank Center Ticket Office at 859-787-0915

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