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Adding to the list of things disrupted by the pandemic, many elective medical procedures, including cancer screenings, were largely put on hold to prioritize urgent needs and to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in healthcare settings. 

If you had an appointment for screening that was canceled or postponed, talk with your healthcare team about when to reschedule. Taking into consideration your personal and family history, other risk factors, and the timing of your last screening test, your provider can discuss balancing the risks and benefits of being screened now.

Dr. Abigail Byrnes, Baptist Health Medical Group Oncology, stressed, “It’s important to note that cancer screening tests look for cancer in people who don’t have symptoms. These tests differ from ones your doctor might order if you have symptoms that could be from cancer, like a lump in the breast or blood in the stool. If you have symptoms like these, call your doctor as you’ll need exams or tests that evaluate those particular signs or symptoms.” 

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