Each Spring your Kentucky Democrat Women’s Club sponsors a $1,000 state winner Scholarship and each individual county club sponsors a $500 scholarship for a deserving High School senior. Could it be you, or perhaps your child or grandchild? Knox County Democrat Women’s Club is searching for this year’s recipient. If you are a High School Senior, live in Knox County and are or plan to register to vote as a Democrat, you could be our 2021 scholarship recipient.

 Our winner will be chosen from applicants that meet KDWC requirements, turn in all required documents and write an essay telling our scholarship committee why you support the platform for the democrat party. Applicants must plan to attend a Kentucky Institute of Higher Learning, have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA, submit an official ACT score, have character references, and completed community outreach and volunteer work recorded and documented by an adult supervisor. Other requirements can be found by visiting your school counselor’s office and asking for an application or by contacting Knox County Democrat Women on Face Book and messaging Knox County  Democrat Women’s Club and request an application.

Contact Dora Sue Oxendine Farmer for more information at 606-546-3940 or seriousuu@yahoo.com.

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