Thomas Mitchell
Once on the scene, Mitchell refused to come to the door of the home, but a short time later a child and woman exited the residence and Mitchell shut the door back. A woman then advised the deputies that Mitchell would not let her and the child leave the residence.
The deputies then entered the home and began searching for Mitchell.
Mitchell was found by the deputies hiding in a closet under blankets. When they tried to pull him out and put cuffs on him, Mitchell would not comply with orders. He struck Deputy Abner in the arm and Sheriff Smith was struck in the chest.
Thomas Dewayne Mitchell was taken into custody just before 1:00 pm and lodged in the Knox County Detention Center charged with:
Resisting arrest,
Assault 3rd degree – police officer or probation officer,
Unlawful imprisonment,
Harboring a vicious animal,
Wanton endangerment – 2nd degree,
And he was served five failure to appear warrants.
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