Knox Veterans continue to build bridges

Members of Knox County American Veterans organized the many new flags placed around town for the holiday weekend. 

They were joined today by State Representative Elect Tom O'Dell Smith, who took some time to listen to the veterans and to show his support.

Knox County American Veterans is a non-partisan group committed to bringing together veterans and the community. The group works to bring awareness to issues such as suicide in the veteran community and building a strong bridge with the community. The organization strives to put God first, but also identifies as a non-religious group. 

One note the group wished to spread is when many veterans see a green light on a porch, it signifies a safe place to eat or rest. With many homes displaying green lights in honor of coronavirus, it's possible one could have a veteran approach their home looking for a safe space.

The group wished to thank the city of Barbourville for placing the flags and Mr. Jerry Fuson for making the poles. They also thanked Judge Executive Mike Mitchell for having the POW-MIA placed back on the courthouse flag pole; the flag was removed while the American Flag flies at half-mast for Covid-19 victims.

Commander John Goley encourages all Knox County veterans to attend the group's next meeting next Friday, July 10 at Grateful Ed's Barbecue at 7 p.m.  The group is also sponsoring a veterans cruise in tonight at 7 p.m. at the Union Plaza shopping center.