“We have a very high percentage of vulnerable populations such as children, disabled, seniors and low wage earners who, without the LIHEAP program, would be cold and in danger of becoming ill, freezing or having to relocate to an emergency shelter.” said Shawn Bingham, KCEOC Community Services Director.

When temperatures start to drop and colder weather makes you turn up the heat, KCEOC Community Action Partnership has already prepared the way to ensure you and your family stay warm this holiday season. 

KCEOC is currently offering LIHEAP better known as the Low-Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program from November 5 through December 14. LIHEAP is a program designed to provide financial assistance with high heating bills. The benefits are paid through a voucher system, made payable to the heating provider.

“LIHEAP is vital for several reasons,” said Bingham. “When you combine rising energy costs and the typical weather situation in the Tri-County area; it creates a huge need for energy assistance payments especially when low income families are already struggling to pay their bills, plan for the holidays and commute to work.” 

Last year, KCEOC - through LIHEAP - provided heat to over 4,700 households. The good news is, KCEOC has received a slight increase of over $4,500 in LIHEAP funding compared to last year’s funds. Bingham explained, enrollment is in full swing and applications have already been pouring into the office. Bingham's only concern is that, he hopes KCEOC does not run out of funds early again this year.

If you or a family member would like additional information about eligibility for LIHEAP, you may call the Knox County KCEOC office at 606-546-3152 or visit the office on 5448 N. U.S. Highway 25E in Gray, KY. Please call in advance before visiting, this will ensure that the application process goes smooth. “We try to serve people as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Bingham added. 

If you are currently experiencing a heating emergency (For example: you are about to run out of heating fuel or your electric is about to be disconnected) Bingham encourages that you submit your application at any time.

KCEOC Community Needs Assessment

KCEOC, Community Action Partnership is also in the process of completing their annual Community Needs Assessment and would like for all citizens of Knox County to go to their website at and fill out the 2019-20 assessment survey in order to help KCEOC better serve and provide for the Knox County community. For more information on the assessment, call Shawn Bingham at 606-546-3152, extension 303.


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