knox laurel and the whitleys

Laurel Knox and the Whitleys Josh Teague- vocals, guitar, banjo, bass; Mike Cook- guitar, mandolin; Tyler Dixon- drums, percussion.jpeg

Geoff and Sky Marietta have just about seen it owners of the multi-purpose venue space, 2nd and Main, in Corbin.  And Friday night was no exception, when a variety of local talent took to the stage like a February Thunderstorm.      

“We have such talented musicians and talented artists,” said Sky Marietta, “and we love to see people come together, have fun, and celebrate.” 

Musicians: Jordan Allen and the Bellwethers; Laurel, Knox, and the Whitleys; and Sydney Adams played original music and covered some crowd pleasers, too. Meanwhile, Handlebar Nate served up hotdogs and drinks to the parched players and their fans. 

“I love hearing local music from local people,” Stevie Rowe, who attended the event, said, “Around here, you can’t have a bad time. “ 

Sky added, “There’s no reason we can’t have fun here, like in Lexington or New York City or wherever.” 

“The music is relatable and it’s such a great Eastern Kentucky feel,” said Rowe.

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